Diaper Drives

Diaper Need is Real!

Support the diaper bank by hosting a drive with your work, school, club, faith based organization, or any other civic minded group. Get started with our Quick Start Guide and complete the steps below.

  1. Put together a team to help you with your drive.
  2. Brainstorm your strategy
  3. Establish a drop off location for diapers and dollars.
  4. Consider making a financial contribution or securing a company match.
  5. Involve those around you (clients, family, vendors, and friends)
  6. Advertise your drive with flyers and on Social Media
  7. Let us know about your drive by emailing or faxing us the Diaper Drive Registration Form.
  8. Hold your drive.
  9. Drop Off or arrange for diaper pick up.
  10. Complete and submit the Diaper Drive Closing Statement.

Would you like to host a drive at a school or involve youth? Check out these additional Youth Drive Ideas below; created by local youth.

Youth / School Diaper Drive Ideas:

  • A central collection area decorated with baby items is a great way to keep the drive in everyone’s mind. A playpen, crib, or large box covered in baby gift wrap works great.
  • Challenge another class, grade, or even another school to collect diapers. Have the teachers or your principal challenge students to meet a diaper goal.
  • Some PTAs may be interested in running a diaper drive. Ask your PTA for support.
  • A Diaper Drive is a great project for students to start learning goal setting, organization, and marketing skills.
  • Use the concepts of poverty and philanthropy in your lesson plans. Discuss the cost of raising a family, minimum wage, the cost of diapers and other necessities as part of a family budget, and the importance of education.
  • Teach your kids about how they can make a difference in the life of someone they don’t even know.
  • Throw a fudgsicle or Tootsie Roll party for the class that raises the most diapers. Don’t forget to advertise your Diaper Drive in your school newsletters & daily bulletins.
  • Have a special diaper drive in each class for diapers of different sizes.
  • Have the kindergarteners collect newborn sizes, the first grade size 1, fourth grade size 4, etc.
  • This will help the Diaper Bank collect diapers in all the sizes needed in our community.
  • A school in a low income area did a penny drive and raised $250! Because the Diaper Bank can buy in bulk, we’ll count every 28¢ in cash donations as one diaper donated.

Have a kick-off event to get everyone excited and then have a wrap up so the students can see their accomplishment. One school talked the principal into wearing an oversize diaper costume at their kick off. The kids loved it!! Holding bake sales and dances as fund-raisers is a great way to help the Diaper Bank. We will credit your school with 1 diaper for every 28 cents you raise.