Planned Giving

With your legal and tax advisors, Las Vegas Diaper Bank will work with you to plan for tomorrow while receiving maximum benefits today.  Planned gifts can offer very attractive ways to reduce your taxes or receive income during your lifetime. We are happy to recommend financial and tax advisors to work with you.

Gifts given through your will or trust naming Las Vegas Diaper Bank as one beneficiary of your estate are typically given as a percentage, fixed amount or residual of the estate. If you are so kind to name us as a beneficiary, please let us know!  We would like to thank and honor you while you are with us, and you can become inaugural members of our organization.

Life Insurance Policy Donations
This is a great way to give a really big gift to a charity without spending a lot of money.  Here’s how it works:

  • A donor works with us and a life insurance company to purchase a life insurance policy with a cash value and death benefit and names us as the policy holder.
  • The donor agrees to make tax deductible donations to charity for the purpose of paying the policy premiums until the policy is paid in full.
  • The donor takes a tax deduction for each gift used to purchase the life insurance policy in the year the gift was made.
  • The charity owns the policy and can either redeem it for cash value or wait until the insured has passed and receive the full death benefit.

Pension Funds, 401K, Life Insurance Policies & IRAs
To name the Las Vegas Diaper Bank as your beneficiary, simply request a change of beneficiary form from your life insurance company.  Choose the percentage and name the Las Vegas Diaper Bank, PO BOX 231321 Las Vegas, NV 89105.  Please return the form directly to your company, and send us a copy for our records.